What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a psychological discipline that uses visual art making and the creative process to help clients bring about therapeutic change. Typically used in situations where words are difficult.

Art therapy allows an individual to explore various issues including those that involve sense of self, family, relationships, life change, addictions, loss, abuse, and overall development.

How is Art Therapy Different to Art Class or Arts & Crafts?

In an art therapy session, art skills or projects are generally not taught as would be in an art class, and art work is not marked as a teacher might.

NO ART SKILLS NEEDED. Although creative skills may increase, the art therapists focus is on exploring the art process of working with the art materials rather than achieving a polished art work. Each art therapy session is taken at the clients pace and agenda with the therapist following rather than leading. The art image or object can also be used as a tool for communication through symbols and/or metaphor.

There is also no pressure to use art materials in a session if you feel more comfortable talking. It’s always your choice.

A range of art materials will be provided for you to choose from and experiment with, such as; paint, clay, pastels, pencils, found materials, sand tray, and collage images.